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Lucy Turns Pages: Things I've Been Enjoying Lately!

Things I've Been Enjoying Lately!

Hi everyone! So I wanted to do a post to talk about some things I've been enjoying lately and just finding really relaxing. Let me know what you've been enjoying lately!

Animal Crossing

So I recently decided to restart Animal Crossing (which I have regretted in the past) but it's been an absolute game changer! When I need to rest or just helping me to relax, playing Animal Crossing and having little goals I want to achieve on my island has been so fun! Have you played Animal Crossing? What games do you find great for rest and/or relaxation?


Another thing I've been really enjoying is colouring on the Happy Colour app. There are so many different designs you can colour and it can be really relaxing. I also want to print some of the pictures I've completed. This is such an easy and bite sized way to itch that creative urge. Brilliant for mental health or if you have a chronic illness, or both.


So I've been getting back into doing mindfulness lately which I think has been really helpful for my mental health. I've done things like followed guided meditations on YouTube, focused on my breathing and taken exercises from books I've been reading. I think this has allowed me to slow down, focus and enjoy things more.


The last thing is that I've been really into watching videos on YouTube lately, mainly book videos and some self-care ones too.

So those are some things I've been enjoying lately. I'd love to hear what you've been up to in the comments!

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