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Lucy Turns Pages: Lucy Learns French: Apartment Buildings

Lucy Learns French: Apartment Buildings

Immeuble (m) - apartment building
Halles d'immeuble (f) - building entrance hall
Appartement (m) - apartment
Studio (m) - studio apartment
Duplex (m) - duplex apartment
Triplex (m) - triplex apartment

Rez-de-chaussée (m) - ground floor
Dernier étage (m) - top floor

Ascenseur (m) - elevator
Escalier (m) - staircase
Cage d'escalier (f) - stairwell

Balcon (m) - balcony
Terrasse (f) - terrace

Garçonnière (f) - bachelor apartment (informal)

Locataire (m/f) - tenant
Propriétaire (m/f) - owner
Gardien d'immeuble (m) - building caretaker
Syndicat de copropriété (m) - homeowners' association
Conciergerie (f) - concierge service

Cave (f) - cellar (storage unit)
Local à vélos (m) - bicycle storage room
Parking (m) - parking lot
Espace vert (m) - green space
Poubelle (f) - garbage can
Tri sélectif (m) - recycling

Quartier (m) - neighborhood
Loyer (m) - rent
Charges (f) - bills (utilities, maintenance)
Bail (m) - lease

Visiophone (m) - video intercom
Digicode (m) - keypad entry code

Many apartment buildings will have a specific name, so you can add "l'" before the name (e.g., l'immeuble...).

You can use adjectives to describe the building (e.g., un immeuble ancien - an old building, un immeuble de luxe - a luxury building).

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