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Lucy Turns Pages: Lucy Learns French: Greetings

Lucy Learns French: Greetings


Formal greetings:

Bonjour - Hello/good day (in the day)
Bonsoir - Good evening (after sunset)
Enchanté(e) - Pleased to meet you (first meeting- masculine/feminine)
Comment allez-vous? - How are you?

Informal greetings:

Salut - Hi/ hey
Coucou - Hello/ hi there
Ça va? - How are you? 
Comment vas-tu? - How are you? (close friends/family)

Other greetings:
Bienvenue - Welcome
Au revoir: -Goodbye
À bientôt - See you soon
Bonne journée - Have a good day
Bonne soirée - Have a good evening
Bonne nuit - Good night

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